Our history

StoriaVolterrani and Raddi was established in Florence in 1870 by Oreste Volterrani who later in 1920 joined with Romeo Raddi , an artisan with his own laboratory who specialized in making gold and silver jewelry in florentine style.

Oreste Volterrani retired in 1925 and the business was continued by Romeo Raddi and his son Renato who also trained as an artisan in the family's laboratory.

Renato Raddi, with the assistance of his wife Alberta and sons Gilberto and Gisella, managed the shop until 1990. He was replaced by his nephew Federico Favilli with his father Giuliano.
Today the shop is run by Federico and his wife Marina.

This fourth generation jewelry shop is located in the heart of the historical center of Florence in Piazza del Pesce adjacent to Lungarno Archibusieri and neighboring Ponte Vecchio. 

We specialize in designing and handcrafting traditional Florentine jewelry in gold or silver. Custom engravings of your family's coat-of-arms are available on gold or stone.